A Ugandan Destination Management Company, passionate about Bespoke Journeys and Safaris in Uganda and the greater East Africa. 

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke, destination based tours, and tailor-made itineraries that will match your exact requirements without having to compromise your experience. We can give you a diverse program that mixes safaris and photography with exciting activities and a dash of culture.

We’ll help you with absolutely everything, designing your itineraries to blend relaxation with an awesome sense of independence, exploration and adventure as well as assisting you to select the ultimate destination of your choice!



At Safari Vibes, we understand your requirements when you talk about fulfilling your dream of the ultimate luxury safari in Uganda, where your personal touch and plush are well catered to. 

Our approach to organising luxury safaris is different. We offer a crafted safari formula that means we listen to your personal needs and put together a dream-come true experience specifically for you! We have lightening quick personal service, access to the best rates, exclusive luxury experiences, top safari destinations and our repeat booking and referral rates say it all.

We work with a clientele from all over the world, creating hand-crafted luxury safaris that are perfect for each individual. Experience the beauty of Uganda as a friend and not a tourist. 

The thrill of going on a safari is difficult to top, the swell experience is a dream, so our advice is; soak up the views, live in the moment, take the view and keep your camera handy as you never know what you will spot! 

  • Personal Service – You come first! We guarantee you an excellent personalised service throughout your entire booking process and throughout the whole duration of your tour/safari. 

  • Experience More – Multiple days at your destination and at each destination you visit, you get to interact with the locals, engage in various activities, discover new cultures and cuisines, and find time to study and exploreyour destination. 

  • Avoid Mass Tourism and Experience the Local Touch – Travel in style to lesser known destinations. Have an authentic, personal and a life time experience while keeping your trip affordable. We are proud of our unique network of amazing local guides who bring their destinations to life like no other. 

  • No Hidden Costs – We make very clear quotations. You will know from the very start exactly what is and what is not included in the price of your safari. 

  • Carefully Chosen Accommodation – We choose properties which reflect their location with beautifully designed spaces and warm welcoming hosts.